Blogging Challenge No.8

photo credit: kthypryn via photopin cc

Orang-utans– Wow! These creatures are amazing to watch. They are cute and fluffy. It’s pretty amazing in what they can do. 97% of their DNA is exactly like ours. They swing from vine to vine like Tarzan. Their eyes look at you friendly and it looks like they are your family. They are so smart and intelligent; I think they have the same brain as me. I love these creatures and I want them to live life like they should and not have their habitats destroyed.

Onesies- These fluffy jumpsuits they are  irresistible. You just want to cuddle up on a cold winter’s night and not be cold. They are so handy; you can wear them to a jungle party, to bed and even on a jumping castle. I have a onesie and I know that if you don’t have one then get one because I love onesies and if I’m cold I have one sitting right in my wardrobe.

House Husbands– This is a funny, sad, happy comedy that you would love. I have watched every episode from Cane losing a teacher to someone adopting a child. I have cried at times but it is unexplainable of how happy some moments in the series have been. The characters are very strong at acting and really draw you into the series.

Nerds– These hilarious people show their inner self. They are not afraid of being who they are. I don’t love them but I just like them for who they are. They are smart intelligent people that know a lot about science etc. I find it really funny when you compare them to dumb beauty people.

Instagram- How can I begin to explain instagram. It is a social app that helps you connect to other people. It is very addictive!!! I like to see what people get up to especially if you have friends from other states for example my friend from Perth we share our photos to each other. You can also find out about celebs and their gossip.

Reading- The peaceful sound of the birds chirping. Calm, relaxed thinking of what the word means. It is sad, tears running down my cheeks. I have been reading for hours now. I could feel myself in the moment of the book. Imagining what it would be like to be them.

Fish n Chips- Crunch…… The scrumptious taste of the light battered fish is irresistible. The chicken salted chips, warm and tasty melting in my mouth. I love this type of food because it is a little treat I have once in a while. I usually take the news papered wrapped fish n chips down to the beach and eat them as a family. I sneakily throw a couple of the warm salty chips to the hungry seagulls.

Music- Boom….Boom……Boom… the thumping sound of the rock music pumping throw my ears. My mum telling me to turn it down but I just love the sound. I just love listening to music on the long drive down to Melbourne. It always seems to keep me busy. I love all types of music because it keeps me UN bored and keeps me happy!

Hockey– I love the way I hit the ball with such strength and power. I feel even better when I score a goal. It is a fast game and a good way to get fit. It helps you to earn confidence and to not be afraid of the ball. Also since my experience of playing hockey I have made a numerous amount of friends.

Family- I absolutely LOVE my awesome, fun, friendly family. They keep me company when I am down and always seems to put a smile on my dial. We may have our fights and disagreements  but we move on from them and forget the past. We always take time to watch our hobbies (e.g hockey, cooking, board games, gym and work). I LOVE my family and no one can bet our family.