Week 5

This week it has been pretty easy for me. I have been relaxing, sitting back and enjoying watching Life of Pi. The year 5’s have been doing naplan so we got to relax as both year 6’s and 5’s are in the same building. We occasionally did some work. When we did do our work I worked really hard. My goal from last week was to read more and I have done so. We had to do a movie review on the movie Life of Pi and I thought I worked really  well and listened to the movie and put some thought into my work. We also in the morning worked with our buddies. The first session my buddie wasn’t there due to being sick, so I worked with one of Emma Quinn’s buddie. Together we made a book on the ipad. On the second day my buddie was there and together we made a book about her. On the last day with my buddie, it didn’t turn out to be so good as my buddie yelled at me for sitting on the chair so I waited an hour for my buddie to apologize. My overall week has been awesome, fun and a week I won’t have in ages.

Week 4

Last week I thought I did really well in concentrating in class and not messing around. I thought that in maths I could’ve chosen a different topic to make a workshop on. I think that I chose the easy way to only learn a little bit about worded problems but I could’ve challenged myself to learn about fractions as I have alot of areas in maths that I need to learn and improve in. I also think that I did really well in writing and producing a good piece of writing. I really concentrated and persisted to make it one of the best pieces of writing I can produce. I put alot of thought and emotions into my writing and I felt that I was in the moment of the event. In R.E, I thought that I need to put my hand up a little more and share what I’m thinking. Also if I need some help and don’t understand what the teachers are saying, I need to put my hand up so that they can tell me what it means more clear. Overall I think I had a great week and I hope that next week I can improve on what I wanted to do.