R.E. Homework


 My Mum shows:

  • Wisdom (e.g. My Mum sees and believes in God everywhere she is.)
  • Understanding (e.g. My Mum is aware that we know that we follow God.)
  • Right Judgement (e.g. My Mum knows whats wrong and right.)
  • Reverence (e.g. She respects God and does not speak bad of him.)
  • Knowledge (e.g. My Mum knows the meaning of being a Catholic and knows about God.)
  • Courage (e.g. My Mum stands up to what is right and for God if someone speaks bad of him.)
  • Self Control (e.g. My Mum shows self control and control herself before others.)
  • Faithfulness, kindness, love, joy, peace, patience and gentleness.