Week 4

Last week I thought I did really well in concentrating in class and not messing around. I thought that in maths I could’ve chosen a different topic to make a workshop on. I think that I chose the easy way to only learn a little bit about worded problems but I could’ve challenged myself to learn about fractions as I have alot of areas in maths that I need to learn and improve in. I also think that I did really well in writing and producing a good piece of writing. I really concentrated and persisted to make it one of the best pieces of writing I can produce. I put alot of thought and emotions into my writing and I felt that I was in the moment of the event. In R.E, I thought that I need to put my hand up a little more and share what I’m thinking. Also if I need some help and don’t understand what the teachers are saying, I need to put my hand up so that they can tell me what it means more clear. Overall I think I had a great week and I hope that next week I can improve on what I wanted to do.

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