Student Blogging Challenge No.5 SECRETS

I was running along the slippery muddy path in a fast motion through the tropical forest when I came to a dead end. A sign had written that I must discover the forests secrets. My sister Holly was walking slowly along the path and was unable to keep up with me. I decided to go ahead and make the decision myself. I didn’t go right I went left to where there was no path. I am going on my own adventure. I imagined that ahead of me would be a million fairies all on a mission to collect some little kid’s teeth. Oh how I wished I had a wobbly tooth! I could hear my sister calling out my name. But I didn’t turn around I kept walking at a fast pace so that she would not catch up with me. It was very bushy; there was long trees as high as a monster. As I started to hurry up I came to another dead end. At the dead end there was a hollow tree that was really deep under the ground. There was a fortune cookie that said ‘eat me’! I placed it in my palm and slowly brought my hand to my mouth and took a bight from the cookie. “Ah my tooth, it came out, YES!” I yelled happily. I could feel something in my mouth. I clamped my hand in my mouth and grabbed this slobbery, slippery piece of paper. I laid it in my hand and rolled it out carefully. It said: Go down this hollow tree and you will discover a new magnificent world. I was desperate to go discover this world. I glanced down at my watch and checked the time. It was 10:47; it has taken my 20 minutes to get to this point, WOW!  My sister would be worried now; she would be panicking by now. Ok, I’ll turn around and not come back, I thought. Tears were rushing down my face, I had a second thought maybe I don’t have to crush my dreams, maybe I could go on this adventure for 5 minutes then sprint back to my worried sister. I kneeled down onto my knees and crawled through the brown squashy mud. My legs were now smothered in yucky mud. I grabbed onto the wooden ladder that lead to the end of the tree and slowly stepped down each step. It got darker and darker by the minute and soon enough I was unable to see anything. I took the last step which was the end of the tree and cautiously looked around. Soon enough a little light shined on me. Then all of a sudden a million fairies gushed down the trunk of the tree towards me. I was scared but all of a sudden they stopped at the tip of my head. “Hello Stranger” the fairies exclaimed. “What has brought you here?” they all wondered. “Well I’m on an adventure and I thought that I could drop by and give you my tooth, I lost it as I was eating that very hard fortune cookie.” “Haha, did you ever bump into the troll?” “No I didn’t, luckily!” “Ur well I just wanted to meet a fairy and I have so goodbye. Maybe another time I could come and visit you and bring my sister with me!” I exclaimed with a big grin. “Ok nice to meet you stranger. We can’t wait to meet you again and maybe we could introduce you to the other magical creatures!” So as I ran back to my worried sister to where she was sitting next to the sign I once ran into and she was sitting there crying saying “Please God, can my sister come back home, I love her!”

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