Student Blogging Challenge no.10

Student Blogging Challenge

If you could meet someone dead or alive who would it be?

1. Anna Flanagan-What is your moto for playing hockey?

2. Jamie Dywer-What is your daily diet before a hockey game?

3. Jennifer Lawrence- How did you become an actor?

4. Nikki Campbell- How did you become interested in golf?

5. Marco Rojas- How many times a week do you practise soccer?

6. Marcos Flores- How many injures have you had in your soccer career?

7. Serena Williams- Apart from your sister, have you got any other family member that has or is playing tennis?

8. Great Nanna- What was it like having a birth mark?

9. Rihanna– How many songs have you published?

10. Kate Middleton– What is it like being married to Prince William?

Student Blogging challenge




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