Why did you lie?

“why did you lie?”, yelled mum. “I didn’t mean to steal the necklace. It was an accident”, I replied crying. “Can you please recap what happened”, mum asked.

2 days ago

“I need to get back at her Stevie; she stole my toy car so i’m going to steal her necklace”, I said with a big grin on my face.” Here’s the plan, i will distract her then you go open her locker, the code is: 5, 15,25 then 0.””Coolio, go distract her now then”, I said rushing Stevie.

“So hey Holly, um what did you do on the um weekend?” “Nothing Stevie, well I need to go to class, Bye!”, Holly said sweetly. As holly walked off Stevie was overjoyed that she had left.

“Have you got it”, Stevie asked. “Of course I have, it’s made out of real gold so she’ll be extra worried now”. “ where are you putting it?” Stevie asked. “ um in my pocket, it won’t get lost in there” . “Ok” Stevie said unsure.


“Oh #*!*^” I said. “What is it” mum wondered.”I lost my new necklace I bought for um…… um ………um my friend”, I said lying. “Well that’s just bad luck isn’t it”, Mum exclaimed, unhelpful. “What does it look like?” “Um well its real gold, shaped as a love heart and shiny as a spoon” I exclaimed. “I’ll have a look for it, if I see it I will give it to you, ok!”

“Hey Mack, I think I found the necklace!” “Really cool, let me see it!” “It is a little squashed”. “What do you mean?” I wondered. “OMG what happened?” “I found it in the back of the washing machine”. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.

“Mack, Holly’s here” “What…….. NO! NO! NO! NO!” “Hey Mack, please sit down, I have something to confess, I broke your toy car by accident!” Holly confessed. “Well I broke your necklace, accidently as well” I said annoyed. “Why, how, when?” Holly yelled. “Hey you two cut it out” Mum yelled. “What happened?” she wondered. “Nothing” we both said immediately.


“What happened yesterday,” Mum asked. “I accidently broke Holly’s necklace”, I confessed. “You naughty boy, GO to your room right now, I will ring up Cathy and apologise about the incident” “But Mum!!!” I yelled.

Student Blogging Challenge no.10

Student Blogging Challenge

If you could meet someone dead or alive who would it be?

1. Anna Flanagan-What is your moto for playing hockey?

2. Jamie Dywer-What is your daily diet before a hockey game?

3. Jennifer Lawrence- How did you become an actor?

4. Nikki Campbell- How did you become interested in golf?

5. Marco Rojas- How many times a week do you practise soccer?

6. Marcos Flores- How many injures have you had in your soccer career?

7. Serena Williams- Apart from your sister, have you got any other family member that has or is playing tennis?

8. Great Nanna- What was it like having a birth mark?

9. Rihanna– How many songs have you published?

10. Kate Middleton– What is it like being married to Prince William?

Student Blogging challenge